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     From a humble beginning starting in Jamaica, Millz Millie, who is an actress, model and entrepreneur, learned at a young age what it meant to be a hard worker. Millz grew up watching her mother vigorously provide for their family. This gave Millie the motivation to strive for a better life than where she came from. At a young age, Millz loved being in front of the camera and with her mothers support, she launched her modeling career.

    Soon after Millz Millie participated in various talent shows where she was featured in 'Glamour Magazine' audition. At her first photoshoot, it was clear the camera loved her as much as she loved it. There she fell in love with the flexibility, excitement and overall glamor of the lifestyle. With tenacity, Millz hit the ground running, doing photoshoot after photoshoot and instantly gained a large following on social media. She began to get notoriety via press and media interviews and grew in popularity through various urban magazine spreads!

     As a result of hard work and determination, Millz Millie began working with celebrities such as Wendy Williams, Trey Songs, Robin Givens, Salt-N-Peppa and more. Millie has also been featured in New York Fashion Week, Lord & Taylor Fashion Expo, BET Spring Bling and started in B.E.T's  hit skit  show The Majah Hype Show among others.

     Ultimately, Millz Millie's dream is create opportunities to inspire young people going through tough times by being a beacon of hope and an encouraging figure that shows them that anything is possible as long as you believe in themselves and their dreams!

“Make Room For People Who Want To Love You.”

Millz Millie

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